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Bad Radio started as a hilarious self deprecating acronym and now we say it’s more of a definition, thereby retaining the name and the self deprecating humor. Founded by Bob Sturm and Dan McDowell on June 14, 1999, they cast a glorious beam of sunshine upon an otherwise bleak and dreary DFW midday radio landscape, giving hope and inspiration to literally hundreds of people over a course of 5,069 shows.

On February 11, 2020, everything changed…

Basically Mike Rhyner retired and Bob moved into his chair on the Hardline and Jake moved over into Bob’s chair on BaD Radio and they did a few shows then Blake jumped on board and into the producer chair and then the Coronavirus stuff happened and Bad Radio forged ahead and changed their show twitter handle and website domain name and changed some of the verbiage and tabs on and Youtube and Twitch page’s names and made the D in BaD lower case and they lived happily ever after. Now enjoy our individual bios and contact info:

Dan McDowell –

A founding member of Bad Radio, Dan spends most of his time wishing he still had hair and lifting his weight. He cut his hall of fame bound softball coaching career short, walking away while still on top. Most people say his overall story reminds them of Lebron James. His hobbies include balling out and heating up fish and broccoli in the microwave.

Jake Kemp –

The host of “Kempspin”, Jake has been a member of the Ticket team since 2006. Contrary to popular belief, he has never been married to Demi Moore. His heroes include Buzz Aldrin and the person who killed Jeffrey Epstein. Jake likes to spend his off time being a #girldad and watching youtube pimple popping videos.

David Mino –

The official blood boy of Bad Radio, Mino once posed nude for our annual calendar which we do every year or so. A tragic accident as a youth left him with no pigmentation in his skin, so he spends most of his time indoors. His daily lunch consists of Funions and Mountain Dew.

Julie Dobbs –

Winner of The Ticket’s 2018 newcomer of the year award. Julie spends her days in the Zin Bin crafting tickers, bringing you some cookies, and not paying attention to the show. She spends her evenings eating gluten free pizza on instagram. Her hobbies include identifying chickens and catching cod. Or is it cods? Like anyone could even know that.

Blake Jones –

The artist formerly known as Mike Rhyner’s twink, Blake now serves as the Bad Radio producer. OR DOES HE? Blake offers very little to society besides having the best South Park knowledge of anyone who has ever sat in his chair. He loves Justin Bieber and he once offered to mercy kill himself for Gordon Keith.